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Notion Fetcher

Many people are using Notion to organize their business, but getting data in and out of it can be tricky. Usually, you need to do it manually, use a third-party service like Zapier or Integromat, or write your own code. I would love to make this easier for all. It's super simple to use and lets you run API requests without any coding and without leaving Notion:βœ… Set up request URLs, headers, parameters, and body easily βœ… Use values from your Notion base in the request URL/body/headers βœ… Supports all request types: GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETE βœ… Handles paginated requests (getting data in multiple parts) βœ… Import requests from cURL commands βœ… Import/export API requests as downloadable JSON files βœ… Automatically detects response field types, like converting dates to Notion date fields, and you can change these if needed βœ… Schedule requests to run hourly, daily, or weeklyWith this widget you can import data from, for example, YouTube, Google Search Console, Crypto prices or even create invoices from Stripe, and much more.

Nuno About 1 month ago

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